Grown Women Travel: Rio here I come


A symbol of Brazilian Christianity, Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil was once said to be the largest Art Deco statue from 1931 until 2010. Sculptors began creating the statue in 1893 and it wasn’t finished until 1931. The statue has become an icon for Rio and Brazil.

Here’s the thing, there comes a time when you have to add culture to your life and that time is now. Grown women travel, period, point blank. I was talking to a few of my girlfriends on the phone and I said look, we’re in our 30’s, we need to get some money together so we can start taking some trips. Gone are our 20’s where we were broke and didn’t know how to save (or rather I should say when I spent all of my Β money getting drunk as a skunk in the club until the wee hours of the morning). It was time to start having some grown woman fun. So, I called up my sister and said “I’m ready,” little did I know what she had in store.

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