Paige Erica, a native of Washington D.C., left home at 17 and has never looked back. After joining the military and traveling the world for 12 years, Paige decided it was time for a change. She left the Army to find her freedom but shortly after her departure she discovered that with a new found freedom came new revelations.

A graduate of Thomas Edison State College and Full Sail University with a bachelor and master of arts, Paige knew that with her education and military experience she could no longer blend-in with the crowd. So she sought to reclaim her identity by telling herself to “get grown.” Her inspiration for The Grown Woman Blog came from recounting her hilarious, naive (and sometimes embarrassing) 20’s with her sister and friends, life in the military as a woman, loss of her first-born child and needing an outlet to share her thoughts in hopes they would inspire someone else.

Paige enjoys spending time with her family, quiet moments with God and cruising. She resides in Georgia with her husband and two sons.