Learn how to find your inner voice

(photo courtesy of Indiantimes)

(photo courtesy of Indiantimes)

I recently saw an article in Huffington Post about daily meditation and being still. Prior to reading this article I had never actually looked into the art of meditation but I was immediately curious. I knew that I spent time with God and talked with Him on a daily basis, but I also knew I was not unplugging from every day nuisances properly. I needed to look more into mediation and see how it would fit into my life.

I started researching what meditation was all about and how it could assist me day in and day out. I found a site called WellBeing Alignment. This site gave me one of the clearest definitions of meditation. According to the site, meditation is an opportunity to let go of the past and relax in the present. Mediation is also to experience God within us and discover who we really are.

Whoa! Can you say purposeful and powerful?

I was talking to my  mom on the phone the other day and I said to her “something just told me to call you.” Have you ever had one of those moments? The moment when something inside tells you to do, or not to do something? I call it my gut feeling, others call it intuition and still others call it your inner voice. I love my inner voice. She has kept me out of bad relationships, encouraged me to take risks and even kept me alive when I was a soldier in the Army. My inner voice is everything to me and without her I don’t know where I would be.

Meditation is a clear conversation with your inner voice. It is connecting with your spirit, or the Spirit, and discovering who you are for yourself. As a grown woman, it’s important for us to develop formidable relationships and the very first one we need to form is with our inner self. Here is how you get started with Spiritual Meditations.

Basic Breathing

Sit comfortably in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed. Close your eyes and ensure that your body is completely and comfortable supported.

Bring attention to your breathing without trying to change it. It may even speed up at first and seem erratic. Don’t worry about this. However it shifts, let it be as it is. It is important to give your body full permission to breathe as it wants to. Your only job here is to watch your breathing. Be aware of yourself breathing in, breathing out. Be with yourself.

Notice how GOOD it feels to have air coming into your lungs and how relaxing it is to let it out. Don’t try to pull the air in or to push it out. Let your body breathe all by itself, in its own way, at its own pace.

The more you practice this spiritual meditation, the more deeply you will be able to go into stillness and your mind will settle down. You will begin to know yourself as spirit.


Now that you know how to unplug and find your inner voice, take some time to actually do it. Your wellbeing is just as important as your physical health. Get connected to your inner voice and listen to what she has to say. Let me know how meditation is helping you on your journey because I’ll be sure to let you know how it helps me on mine.

To learn 6 more steps to Spiritual Mediation visit the WellBeing Alignment.

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